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11 Apr 2017City Innovate Foundation April Newsletter

City Innovate had a busy month with the kick-off of the first Scale X project with 4 cities and getting ready…

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13 Mar 2017City Innovate Foundation March Newsletter

City Innovate is off to a quick start in 2017, having wrapped up our first Urban Mobility Collider, kicking off several…

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13 Feb 2017City Innovate Foundation January Newsletter

City Innovate has exciting developments planned for 2017. Please enjoy our latest newsletter to read about our latest accomplishments, new announcements,…

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19 Jan 2017Announcing the Network of Cities

Cities announce the “Network of Cities: Scaling City Innovate Foundation’s Urban Transportation Initiative” at Superpublic City Innovate Foundation, Superpublic and…

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21 Dec 2016City Innovate Foundation December Newsletter

Heading into the holiday season, we have a lot to celebrate here at City Innovate Foundation. Please enjoy our December newsletter…

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10 Oct 2016City Innovate Foundation and Miami-Dade County announce partnership to fast track urban mobility through new civic technology initiative

City Innovate Foundation is partnering with Miami-Dade County to tap civic technology and world-class resources to bring smarter and more efficient…

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02 Feb 2016Uber, the Devil, and Congestion-based Pricing

According to City Lab, Much like Keyser Soze, the greatest trick Uber ever played was convincing some of the world’s biggest…

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29 Jan 2016American Idol for Smart Cities

Over 77 US mid-sized cities spent much of January responding to a Notice of Funding Opportunity detailing how they’d make transportation…

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08 Jan 2016Welcome to the Metastructure: The New Internet of Transportation

A recent article from WIRED discusses the implications of connecting new found transportation network companies together and their potential to have a profound impact…

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10 Dec 2015Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed

Typically new transit projects come with promises of alleviating traffic, which works great for politicians lobbying the approval of their constituents. There is however…

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