SUPERPUBLIC San Francisco Logo

SUPERPUBLIC is an Innovation Lab and collaborative space where federal, state, and city government come together with academia and the private sector to address policy and regulatory issues.

The Innovation Lab at SUPERPUBLIC is located on the top floor of 50 U.N. Plaza in the heart of the civic district of San Francisco.

In May 2016, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, U.S. General Services Administrator Denise Turner Roth, U.S. Department of Commerce, and the City Innovate Foundation launched SUPERPUBLIC as the first-of-its-kind Innovation Lab bringing public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors together to solve urban problems.

About Our Name
The name SUPERPUBLIC comes from a similar center in Paris, France, where innovation teams from several French regions and government agencies work together. We thank the SUPERPUBLIC Paris team for their kind permission to use the name for our innovation lab with similar goals in San Francisco

SUPERPUBLIC is operated by City Innovate Foundation.

Focus Areas

Digital Services in Government

More than ever before, residents expect essential government services to be available online. The development of new digital services is an opportunity to rethink how we deliver services and ensure every citizen and resident has the access to essential services. City, state, and regional government officials come to SUPERPUBLIC looking to replicate the success of 18F and USDS, to create new teams within their respective agencies, and also to learn from San Francisco, the innovation capital of the world.

Urban Mobility

How we move ourselves and goods around is rapidly changing. We can either embrace and shape these changes or be at the mercy of them. San Francisco has chosen to lead the way by putting people first in developing safer, more equitable and innovative solutions to transportation challenges. The City of SF is seen as a leader in mobility as one of seven cities short listed as part of the DOT’s 2016 Smart City Challenge.

Changing Models for Procurement

How do we make sure that the money spent by the government delivers tangible results? Are there new ways to experiment with procurement, so as to cut cycle time and/or improve quality? We work to advance innovative financing models to increase impact and accountability. Of particular interest: new forms of public-private partnerships.