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January 6, 2017, San Francisco

In early January at Superpublic, The US Transportation Department awarded San Francisco $11 million to develop innovative transportation technology aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city. At the announcement, the US Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, Mayor of San Francisco Edwin M. Lee, and Kamran Saddique, Executive Director at City Innovate Foundation were present.

You can read about the announcement here.


January 19, 2017, Washington D.C.

During the 2017 U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting, Mayor of San Francisco Edwin M. Lee, and Kamran Saddique, Executive Director at City Innovate Foundation announced the “Network of Cities” that will participate in the upcoming phase of City Innovate’s “Scale X program” to enhance public transit by adapting its Urban Mobility playbook for each city. The participating cities include Oakland, Chattanooga, Miami-Dade County and Los Angeles. The program starts in early March and will be hosted in Miami and San Francisco.

You can read more about the announcement here:


Coming March 2017

In the coming weeks, City Innovate will be releasing its inaugural Urban Mobility Playbook, which will be focused on Open Backend Integration. This playbook was built by City Innovate, in partnership with Microsoft, Cubic, Siemens, Lyft, Zipcar, and Neighborland. It contains 15 use cases, each of which contribute to at least one of three strategic objectives and improve urban mobility for at least one of five key stakeholders. Additional examples of playbook contents include solution approaches, empirical data analysis, community feedback from residents of Miami-Dade County, technical information such as system architecture, interfaces, and application programming interfaces, and policy and technology principles.

In March, this playbook will be scaled to our Network of Cities, who will then be able to apply these technical details, methodologies, and principles to their own cities to accelerate their work to improve urban mobility.


Graham-show-descriptionJanuary 31, 2017

City Innovate’s Gert Christen joined other smart city experts for a panel on Voice America. Hosted by Bonnie D. Graham, the talk show focused on how public-private sector partnerships can help accelerate smarty city initiatives. Gert drew from his experiences helping lead City Innovate and Superpublic to discuss how important mutually beneficial partnerships are, and how it is critical to strategically combine skills and resources from both sectors to develop win-win outcomes. You can hear the segment online here on Voice America.



May 31st and 1st June, 2017

City Innovate is pleased to announce the 2017 date for the annual summit of BRIDGE. For tickets, speaking and sponsorship opportunities please get in touch with us at

The three themes this year include: Mobility and Transportation with emphasis on autonomous vehicles and drones, Sustainability and Resiliency with emphasis on energy and water and finally Digital Divide with an emphasis on affordable access.



Cities announce the “Network of Cities: Scaling City Innovate Foundation’s Urban Transportation Initiative” at Superpublic

City Innovate Foundation, Superpublic and its cross-sector partners announce network of cities for scaling its inaugural Mobility Solutions.

WASHINGTON D.C, January 19, 2017— During the 2017 U.S. Conference of Mayors, City Innovate Foundation (CIF) announced the collection of cities who will participate in the upcoming phase of their program to enhance public transit. The participating cities include San Francisco, Oakland, Chattanooga, Miami-Dade County and Los Angeles. The program starts in early March and will be hosted in Miami and San Francisco.

network of cities

Following Miami-Dade’s $33 million investment to improve and upgrade their ticketing and payments systems, the county implemented CIF’s Test & Learn Collider methodology. The Test & Learn Collider allows participants to shape policy by framing problems, identifying use cases, exploring private sector solutions and using empirical data. Corporate partners including Cubic, Lyft, Mastercard, Microsoft, Siemens and Zipcar contributed to the project to integrate new technologies like smartphone-based ride-hailing services.

City Innovate Foundation helped launched an innovation lab called Superpublic at UN Plaza in San Francisco in 2016 and the goal was to replicate the work in this lab to other cities. “After this first-of-its-kind project with Miami-Dade County we are now scaling our work across many cities in the US and we are excited to share best practices within the network of cities we announced today” said Kamran Saddique, Executive Director of City Innovate Foundation.

”Siemens is proud to bring its extensive advanced transportation and connected mobility expertise to this partnership and the playbook that will help bring innovative transportation systems to life,” said Marcus Welz, CEO of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems in North America. “We’ve seen first-hand how making roads and vehicles smarter can reduce congestion, improve safety, lower emissions, and even cut costs and we’re thrilled that this partnership will help more cities do just that.”

Mobility in Miami-Dade County is a top priority for our Department of Transportation and Public Works,” said Alice N. Bravo, Director. “Working with City Innovate and utilizing the information gathered in their Collider program will lead to improved mobility countywide. Sharing and collecting best practices from other participating cities will allow our Department to potentially implement unique and creative solutions to enhance the quality of life for our nearly 2.7 million residents.

“Traffic congestion plagues cities across the US, underscoring the increasingly urgent need for available and inexpensive public transit,” says Director of Civic Technology, Scott Mauvais, Microsoft. “The Collider convenes city leaders, community activists, technologists and transportation experts to tackle this multi-faceted challenge. Microsoft is happy to participate in this forum and share our ideas, technology and support.“

The full text of the announcement can be downloaded here.