Urban Mobility Collider

Creating the playbook how to mix public transit and private transportation services for true multi-modal mobility in cities. 
Cities are getting increasingly congested due to citizens, residents, commuters, and visitors dependence on single-occupancy car trips. This Collider addresses the policy challenges and emerging technologies necessary to address the challenges of mobility on a regional level, with a particular focus on the first mile and last mile and how to combine public sector and private sector entities into a multi-modal and more seamless transit solution.

Lead metro: 34 cities of Miami-Dade County.

The goal of this Collider is to create the playbook to resolve the policy issues involved with this problem, to outline solutions and emerging technologies that could be part of the solution to this problem.

Open Backend Collider Integrated Payments Collider Data Driven Collider
Oct, Nov, Dec 2016 Apr, May, June 2017 Aug, Sept, Oct 2017
Open Backend Integration Integrated Payments Data-driven policymaking, and two-way sharing agreements

Each collider is 12 weeks in duration to allow for 4 colliders per year. Members can participate in a single collider or in all 4.

Starting Oct. 11, 2016

Playbook to build capacity in city administrations prior to piloting or implementation. Problem analysis, identification of stakeholders and creation of use cases designed to solve the problem. Consideration for technology roadmaps, policy levers, barriers to implementation, resourcing and sources of funds for capacity building in city administrations prior to piloting or implementation. All use cases and findings verified thru empirical data analysis and validated by civic user testing outreach.