The programs we run are designed to establish us and our members at the forefront of civic innovation and civic technology.


Creating the playbook on how to build capacity to solve one urban problem in one lead city

Capacity Building for one urban problem in one (or few) cities.

Increase policy leaders’ problem solving capabilities and enable their policy making based on data and outreach to residents.


Connects government agencies with startups to develop technology products that address civic challenges.

STIR represents an entrepreneurial, public-private approach to co-developing products that help solve city challenges, while highlighting innovative work that is already taking place in city departments.

Data Collaborative Network

The Data Collaborative Network is an opportunity for cities and agencies to come together to share best practices. We have seen in the past the benefit of cities learning from one another through collaboration. The network is a gathering of cities that meets once a month through webinars and occasional in-person workshops to not only share a data related project their team is working on, but to also learn how others are approaching challenges that are experienced by many public sector agencies. We also have part of the sessions dedicated to being a working session to work through specific components of a data collaborative.