Sharing of the Miami-Dade Mobility Playbooks with a Network of Cities

The Collider with Miami-Dade County as lead metro is creating deeply researched and detailed play books how to build capacity to improve transportation in cities. The playbooks include up to 15 use cases, each backed up with analysis of real time transportation data, technical solutions and civic user testing community outreach, recommendation for policy setting, legal and contracting, deployment, data gathering and analysis and community outreach.

Metros who are interested in learning and applying this wealth of knowledge to their own cities in a cooperative way are invited to join in a network of cities to share the Miami-Dade Playbooks to many cities. Experts from Miami-Dade County, industry and from City Innovate will lead 4 workshops allowing the participating metros to obtain the play books, understand the implementations in Miami-Dade and together with peers from other cities create the playbook to build capacity in their own cities.

For more information and to find out how you can join the network of cities, please contact

Each scale is 12 weeks in duration. Cities can participate in a single scale or in all 3, depending on their interest.

Participating Cities

Announced January 19, 2017: Miami-Dade County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Chattanooga


Starting March 2017

Playbooks for each participating city, adapted from the Miami-Dade baseline playbook to their own situation, needs and objectives. Similar cities are working together to maximize information exchange and accelerated learning as a co-hort. Industry representatives and experts from Miami-Dade County are available throughout with advice, details about the implementation in Miami-Dade and to assist with issues such as technology, policy, data gathering and analysis, community outreach, legal and contracting issues, deployment plans, etc. Participants have access to an online platform to exchange materials, analysis, results and to stay connected in the network of cities.