About Us

Solving urban problems using open innovation and data

The mission of City Innovate Foundation is to guide local government agencies in developing user-centered products and services for the 21st century. By exploring emerging digital technology solutions with rising start-ups and experienced professionals from private and academic sectors, we enable city governments to test and learn while minimizing risk.

Our goal is to enable city leaders to build frameworks around data-driven policy decisions, and help scale these frameworks so government can deliver services effectively and efficiently to more citizens.

How do we solve urban problems using data?

New technologies and data analytics techniques have the potential to help city agencies quickly identify the sources of problems, and deliver services more effectively to citizens. As the interest in these tools and methods grow, there is an emerging need for cities to develop new standards and policies in working with data and technology.

The mission of City Innovate Foundation is to enable city departments & leaders to solve urban problems using data. We accomplish this through our Collider Model:

  • One city identifies one urban problem to be fixed, or one goal to be reached
  • Industry experts are brought together co-create an interdisciplinary perspective on the problem & inform solutions
  • Design thinking exercises to create a roadmap for the city

SUPERPUBLIC, a unique space where all sectors of government can come together and collaborate with the private sector and academia, launches in May/June 2016

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