About Us

We bring together the private, public, and academic sectors to innovate and create solutions to urban problems.

  • Focus

    Collaboration, Co-Creation, Open Innovation

    We work to break down silos that often exist between different levels of government. To do this, we recruit experts and policy makers into two different networks:

    On-demand network of 100 experts

    Our experts are drawn from academia and also from within the Federal government, through our partnership with the GSA, home to the Technology Transformation Service and the digital consultancy 18F.

    100 inclusive metros

    Policy leaders from city, state, and regional government.

  • Approach

    Capacity Building with Metros*

    Tangible Collaboration

    We enable established companies and startups to come together on an equal footing, to learn from each other and from multiple policy leaders at the city, state, or regional level at a time.

    Rapid Innovation

    Programs are organized as sprints, focused on solving a single urban problem. The outcome of each sprint is tangible, it can take the form of a set of experiments, a pilot test, or a playbook that identifies policy and other issues that need to be addressed.

    *City, State, Regional government

  • Method

    Cohort Based

    Each cohort is made up of at least 5 policy leaders from city, state, or regional government


SUPERPUBLIC, a unique space where all sectors of government can come together and collaborate with the private sector and academia, launches in May/June 2016

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