Smart City Collider

City Innovate’s Smart City Colliders help cities tackle a civic challenge in mobility or connectivity with a cohort of industry experts.

As populations in many U.S. cities continue to grow, government service delivery design can be updated to better measure and accommodate the needs of citizens. Technological innovations are ripe for use by city departments, yet local agencies have been slow to embrace the merits of technology. Test & Learn Colliders provide cities that are interested in exploring civic technology with the space to have conversations with experts from private, nonprofit, and academic sectors about potential tools and processes emerging in these sectors.


During Smart City Collider sessions, we facilitate discussions between stakeholders to drill down on the complexities of an identified urban problem. The program involves both top-down and bottom-up approaches to operationalizing technology solutions within cities through scoping the problem, co-creating solution approaches, verifying and validating our work through data analysis and community outreach, developing technology and policy principles, and identifying friction points.

We document the discussions, processes, and solutions for other cities to learn from, and use in future planning practices. This approach helps risk-averse public agencies explore and test new technologies with minimal risk, and helps different sectors learn how to best work with cities by creating new, meaningful partnerships and business models.