Join our team and work with the latest technologies & methods to solve urban problems!

We are Superpublic San Francisco, a civic innovation lab run by City Innovate Foundation in SF’s civic center. We seek to facilitate cross-sector collaboration, empirical, data-driven research, and new forms of community engagement in attempt to solve the country’s most pressing urban problems. By exploring new potential partnerships between public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors, we are able to test solutions in the form of new policies, products, and services involving innovative methodologies and technologies. Based on conversations had with cities across the country, the first topic we are addressing is the issue of Urban Mobility. We are working to conduct several different pilot projects in one lead metro area with the intention of scaling our best practices and lessons learned through a series of published Playbooks that detail our work.

In 2017, we will facilitate conversations and test solutions around two focus areas:

Advanced Payments for Mobility
We are about to begin working with Miami-Dade County in the state of Florida to figure out how the latest forms of payment can be used to get citizens from point A to B quickly and efficiently. This idea involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work: how would you use your Clipper Card to pay for a bike rental, and how would the bike company receive their money? How can NFC-enabled smartphones be used to pay for a ride on BART?

We will also address issues of fraud prevention, risk management, the digital divide, and use vast amounts of data while collaborating on solutions. We will work with city officials from Miami-Dade and experts in the fields of cloud-based data storage, electronic ticketing, payments clearing and apps technologies to define how you will pay in the future

Autonomous Vehicles as City Services
Autonomous vehicles are nearly ready for use, but how will cities use them? How will a self-driving bus actually function? What impact will they have on car-dependent and transit-dependent citizens? Can such vehicles solve transportation problems that were unsolvable until now? Up to six pilot projects will show how these new services must be designed, operated, regulated to e.g. improve traffic congestion or to help people who have problems moving around their city today. You will work with the latest vehicles, software, sensors, experts and city officials to write the first city manual on autonomous vehicles.

The Integrated Payments project will begin in April 2017 and last between four and six months, and the Autonomous Vehicles project will begin later this year and last for the same duration.

Open Position: Knowledge Manager
Start date: ASAP
Full-time, contract
Length of contract:  3 months, potential for extension based on performance

The Knowledge Manager at City Innovate Foundation will work closely with the Program Director and Executive Director develop a plan for the content and structure for the Integrated Payments Collider playbook, and work with the CIF research team to execute that plan. The Knowledge Manager should ideally have a post-secondary degree, extensive writing experience, and knowledge/experience in at least two of our primary research areas. The responsibilities of the Knowledge Manager position will include researching content for the playbook, consolidating research and results from the Collider into chapters, and editing chapters prepared by other team members. This team member will attend every CIF project session and assist in documenting the discussions to inform the playbook.

-Work with the program director to develop a strategy for the Integrated Payments Mobility playbook
-Be the primary lead for managing the playbook content development and editing
-Support team members with research, and work with them to compile, sort, organize, and process information
-Write chapters for the playbook, using resources provided by CIF
-Support other CIF projects in the pipeline with research and strategy

Required Qualifications:
-Experience writing and editing
-Experience in research and data collection; skilled in sorting, classifying and assembling information from many different sources
-Great attention to detail
-Clear and direct writing style
-Able to work productively as a team member and independently
-Comfortable in a start-up environment

Collider-specific Research Areas: experience/knowledge of at least 2, and interest in other 3
-Experience in/knowledge of payments as a service, e-commerce, or online banking
-Experience in or knowledge of how government functions at the city/county level
-Experience in/knowledge of software architectures
-Experience in/knowledge of design thinking or user-centered design

Open Position: Research and Data Collection Associate

Start date: ASAP
Part-time, contract
Length of contract: 3-4 months (May-August 2017),
possible for full-time or extension based on performance

The Research and Data Collection (RDC) Associate position will provide research and writing support to several different City Innovate projects. The RDC associates will work with the Program Director & Knowledge Manager to help determine content for the Integrated Payments Collider playbook, assist in writing chapters for the playbook, assist in creating digital frameworks, conduct research support for Collider projects & Scale X projects (as needed).


Work with CIF team members to provide research support for six Collider dimensions:

  • Research relevant use cases from the U.S. and internationally around integrated payment structures for transportation
  • Prepare issue briefs following a standard format to communicate research finding with the team
  • Regularly communicate with team members to ensure data processes and collection are answering the right questions
  • Assist in playbook content strategy
  • Assist in playbook editing

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience working with, or knowledge of, electronic payment architectures
  • Experience working with, or knowledge of, financial transactions
  • Experience working with, or knowledge of, policy as it relates to digital payments & e-commerce
  • Interest in solving urban problems
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Clear and direct writing style
  • Able to work independently, and part of a team
  • Comfortable working in a start-up environment
  • Not afraid to ask questions
  • Familiarity with current issues in urban planning, public policy
  • Knowledge of how government functions at the city/county level
  • Knowledge of design thinking or user-centered design practices

Apply by writing to Katy Podbielski at