Join our team and work with the latest technologies & methods to solve urban problems!

We are located at Civic Center in San Francisco, where we operate the Superpublic civic innovation lab with the goal of tackling problems faced by many cities. We live cross-sector collaboration and empirical data-driven research to solve urban problems. Superpublic is a cutting-edge public-private partnership to find solutions to complex problems in the form of new policies, products, and services and involving the latest technologies.

This year, our programs center around two areas:

Autonomous Vehicles as City Services

These vehicles are nearly ready for private use. But how can cities use self-driving cars, e.g. as buses? What impact will they have on cities? Can such vehicles solve transportation problems that were unsolveable until now? Come find out as a part to the project team tackling these questions.

Advanced Payments for Mobility

How can the latest forms of payment can be used to get from A to B in cities? How to you use your transit card to pay for a bike rental, and how will the bike company receive their money? Also fraud prevention and risk management are important. Sound interesting? The join this team and help define how we will pay in the future.

These project assignments last between 4 and 6 months.

In addition we are looking to strengthen our communications team.

Find more details and descriptions of all open positions here.

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