From November 20th – November 22nd at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, 150 developers and makers convened to build prototypes utilizing SIGFOX’s new M2M/IoT low power wide area network (LPWAN). Our very own chairman Peter Hirshberg sees broader implications with an IoT network. “The availability of low cost, low energy consuming tools like those presented at this hackathon changes who gets to create services for the city. Now almost anyone can create a service that fundamentally changes how the city operates.”

Miguel A. Gamiño Jr, San Francisco’s Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Technology said the hackathon was the right next step for discovering how San Francisco can leverage the IoT network to be a leading smart city.

Connect Your City! winning projects received a one-year subscription with dedicated support on the SIGFOX network, gift cards to redeem on Texas Instruments’ store, and a one-year subscription to Microsoft Azure services. They will also have the chance to pitch their concepts to San Francisco City Leadership:

Best Start up Project
Audio Argus, a predictive-maintenance solution created by David Sykora, Merrick Clark and Joel Brinton, to keep the city running on time and under budget. “Using acoustic waves, we can determine if your fleet of vehicles, air-conditioning units, medical devices, or any device with a mechanical component, is working properly or needs service.” explained winners.

Best Civic Innovation Project
 developed by Nick Pera and Ben Morse, optimizes smart green areas watering to answer California’s drought major issue. Based on live metrics (weather, humidity, temperature), forecasts and machine learning, connected valves and sprinklers turn on when needed and allow the city to save the resource.

Best Technical Project
, developed by Nicolas Triballier, Pascal Boudier, Pierre Guillot and Julien Brette, is a connected fight-water-waste solution. It monitors public green areas moisture to water them only when necessary. Machine learning algorithms and network coverage across wide areas allow to optimize resource usage in public parks and fields.

Best Smart City project:
Better Bike is a GPS tracker and distance sensor for bikes to ensure safer commuting. Developed by Shimolee Nahar, Boyd Lever and Jason Mudit Mittal, Better Bike team received a free Plasma access and cloud service for a year.

Source: San Francisco Announces Winners of Smart City Hackathon