Challenge InspirationFor the past three years, the Startup in Residence (STIR) program has brought together  governments and startups on the front lines of tech innovation to solve some of the greatest challenges facing modern cities. Here’s how it works: governments come to the table to raise the most pressing technology challenges they’re facing. Startups apply to solve those challenges over the course of 16 weeks with the hopes of securing a government contract at the end.  

We’ve found that government agencies are sometimes looking to be inspired by the technologies that are out there, so we’re calling on startups to propose challenges to government. Do you have an innovation technology that you believe government can benefit from? If so, let them know by submitting a Challenge Inspiration.  

Challenge Inspirations can come in a range on topics, from smart city and mobility technologies to improvements on resident services such as safety, health, and civic engagement. Here’s a list of all of the teams that have participated in last cohort, which concluded this month and included governments such as San Francisco, Houston, Miami-Dade County, and Washington D.C. City Innovate is calling on startups, entrepreneurs, and founders to propose the next game-changing solution to city challenges. All you have to do is submit a challenge through this short form. If we — and the governments we work with — like your idea, you’ll see it in the next STIR cohort. You’ll be invited to apply for it and potentially work alongside government leaders to solve it. So, what’s your challenge?