The 11th Hour Project, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, announced the winners of their Just Transit San Francisco challenge, which was designed with key public and private stakeholders in the San Francisco transit sector. The City Innovate Foundation’s own Mobility/Transportation track curator Timothy Papandreou along with Emily Castor of Lyft, who presented at last years City Innovate Summit, were amongst the distinguished judging panel.

The challenge focused around increasing accessibility and decreasing emissions across San Francisco’s transportation system and was stemmed around these six principles;

  • Optimize Infrastructure: Leverage supply and demand to better utilize existing infrastructure
  • Demonstrate Alternatives: Stimulate alternatives to capital-intensive solutions
  • Public and Private: Encourage collaboration and mutually beneficial solutions
  • Demystify with Data: Distinguish between transit fact and fiction by mobilizing intelligence
  • Trustworthy, Not Just Tolerable: Build trust between and among riders and providers
  • All about the Rider: Put the rider experience at the center of the solution

Those awarded are the following:

Incentives for Equity and Efficiency – $125,000 Award

RideScout and TransForm are partnering to pilot targeted financial incentives to shift riders’ transportation choices in San Francisco. These incentives will aim to grow transit ridership, particularly among disadvantaged communities, while better optimizing existing transportation infrastructure. The team plans to conduct extensive community engagement and public outreach to help shape the project and ensure it meets the needs of SF communities.

Curbing the Caltrain Cluster – $50,000 Award

Livable City and Lyft are partnering to streamline multiple modes of transportation at the Caltrain depot by designating loading zones with signage, curb loading markings, and in-app prompts for rideshare riders and drivers. This project will improve the experience for all travelers in the area of this prominent transportation hub by reducing dangerous conflicts between road users, improving safety and access, and decreasing emissions from traffic through reducing vehicle dwell times.

Bicis del Pueblo – $50,000 Award

People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Justice (PODER) will partner with public schools to provide low-income youth and families in the Mission and Excelsior districts with the knowledge, tools and resources to incorporate bicycling and bike sharing into their daily lives. This will provide increased health benefits, lowered transit costs, and a more climate-friendly footprint. The southeast neighborhoods of San Francisco need better infrastructure to make biking safer and the goal is for Bicis del Pueblo participants to become biking advocates to accelerate this transition.

Source: Announcing the Winning Solutions