Over 77 US mid-sized cities spent much of January responding to a Notice of Funding Opportunity detailing how they’d make transportation safer, easier, and more reliable. Many of the cities that answered the Funding Opportunity have first-hand experience with population growth (thank you aging baby boomers! thank you millennials!) and it consequences in terms of congested streets and increased traffic fatalities.

To address these challenges, the Department of Transportation is fielding the $40M Smart City Challenge. This is a winner take all challenge, meaning that all $40M will go to the one city the most winning proposal. The 5 finalists are expected to be announced in Mid March. A full list of cities that applied for the DOT Smart City Challenge is available here.

To show what is possible when communities use technology to connect transportation assets into an interactive network, the Smart City Challenge will concentrate federal resources into one medium-sized city, selected through a nationwide competition. Funding of up to $40 million in funding will go to one mid-sized city that puts forward bold, data-driven ideas to improve lives by making transportation safer, easier, and more reliable.

City Innovate worked with San Francisco to prepare its response to the Notice of Funding Opportunity and looks forwards to continuing this work should the city get short listed and go onto the next stage of the DOT Smart City Challenge.


DOT Notice of Funding Opportunity