Solving urban problems using
open innovation and public-private partnerships


City Innovate Foundation is a mission-oriented nonprofit based in San Francisco, California. Our mission is to make government more effective and just by looking at technology through a lens that values inclusiveness and open innovation. We work with policy leaders inside cities, states, and regional government (“metros”) to accelerate change in government.


A core part of our work is running programming and events for a 10,000 square foot space known as SUPERPUBLIC. Located in the mid-market area of San Francisco, SUPERPUBLIC is the first ever space in the U.S. designed to encourage close collaboration and open innovation between the public, private, and academic sector.

We operate at the forefront of the civic innovation and civic technology

Projects most of interest to our members are those that will benefit city, state, and regional government are of interest to the private sector and federal government to receive funding and support.

Corporations are invited to become members.  Policy leaders in city, state, and regional government are invited to join our network of 100 Inclusive Cities.  Membership is required to participate in all programs except those open to the public.

We are headquartered at 50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, the innovation capital of the world.


City Innovate’s Kamran Saddique and Peter Hirshberg along with City and County of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee

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