Solving urban problems using
open innovation and public-private partnerships

City Innovate Foundation

City Innovate Foundation is an international convener, technology accelerator, and forger of public-private partnerships and engages local communities to help solve urban problems in cities using open innovation. We partner with civic leaders, academic institutions, non-profits, startups and corporations to build innovative solutions, codify best practices, and bring them to our member cities to build upon.


We are currently working to build a Data Commons Network, develop a national Innovation Lab and convene our Annual Summit.


Data Commons Network

Finding a rigorous means whereby highly sensitive data can be collected and shared among different stakeholders without violating individual and group’s privacy rights.


Creating a co-working space to address policy and regulatory issues, developing products and services addressing problems which many cities experience.

Annual Summit

Bringing together policymakers and leading innovators from across the country and around the world for an event focused on citizen-critical issues.

City Innovate is headquartered at 50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, the innovation capital of the world.


City Innovate’s Kamran Saddique and Peter Hirshberg along with City and County of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee


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